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communication industry

the network undertaking also welcomes the unprecedented great development in the current information-based times. modern communication becomes more and more convenient. this causes the requirements for information transmission to be increased greatly. the excellent performance of bwfrp communication pipes can improve the excellent property and stability of communication.

with the promulgation of some management regulations, the state grid and south china grid have set strict storage standards for power supporting products, such as cable protection tubes, to control the quality of power supporting products from the source. bwfrp pipeline is a new type of protective casing material, which uses high performance fiber composite material and resin as raw materials. it can effectively protect cable from damage. bwfrp pipeline has the following advantages:

1. bwfrp pipeline has the properties of frost resistance and high temperature resistance. it can adapt to harsh environment and can not be deformed when used at - 50 ~200 ~c. because of the wide area of power grid laying and the great difference of climate, in order to ensure that the operation of power grid is not affected by the environment, it is necessary to require the cable protection sleeve to have the performance of freeze resistance and high temperature resistance.

2. compared with traditional pipelines, bwfrp pipeline has the advantages of light material and convenient installation under the same ring stiffness, which greatly saves the installation labor cost and construction cycle. in addition, bwfrp pipeline after high temperature solidification, safety and environmental protection performance has been strengthened, effective protection of workers'health, reduce the incidence of occupational diseases;

3. good aging resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, long service life, can be used in wet saline-alkali zone;

4. high strength, strong impact resistance, high strength and toughness in all directions, and good resistance when subjected to external impact.

5. pipes have good flexibility, easy to stretch, and can withstand the damage caused by external heavy pressure and foundation settlement.

6. fire-retardant and heat-resistant. it can be used for a long time at high temperature without deformation and burning in case of fire.

7. the inner wall of the pipeline is smooth and does not scratch the cable. while increasing the transmission power, it avoids scaling and reduces the possibility of leakage of the pipeline.

8. good insulation performance, bwfrp pipeline is non-magnetic material, no eddy current loss and electrical corrosion;

9. the design adopts socket connection mode to facilitate installation and connection. rubber sealing ring at the joint is suitable for thermal expansion and contraction, and prevents mud and sand from entering.

bwfrp pipeline has become a special product for national power grid, southern power grid and other major power grids by virtue of its hard quality and excellent brand strength. it protects the long-term safe and stable operation of power cables.