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baotong bwfrp pipes creates new milestone for electric power

2019-09-25 17:45:50

on november 6, 2018, guangdong baotong bwfrp co., ltd passed the evaluation of jiangsu electric co., ltd of national power grid formally and was determined as a bid-winning unit to enter agreed inventory of jiangsu electric materials of national power grid. this was an event written down into history annals in the development history of bwfrp pipes and marked that baotong bwfrp pipes entered international market. it will provide high performance pipes and high quality first-rate service to more and more customers to ensure smooth and orderly operation of electric power grid. at the same time, we gave our heartfelt thanks to high degree of trust and support of jiangsu electric co., ltd of national power grid to our company.

the safe and stable operation of electric power grid concerns national interest and people's livelihood and has great influence on national economy, energy production and utilization method, ecological environment and urban operation. moreover, long-term safe and stable operation of electric cable is the important link for the safety of power grid and power supply guarantee of economy.

as the country promulgates some management regulations, the national power grid, electric companies of all provinces have set strict acceptance standard for cable protective conduits and other electric supporting products so as to control the quality of electric products from the sources and require that electric cable conduits must have the characteristics of anti-corrosion property, long service cycle, convenient installation and maintenance and stable chemical property of materials.

outer layer:  woven layer

intermediate layer:     circular composite layer

inner layer:   woven layer

ingenious quality      approximate perfection

baotong bwfrp pipe is molded through pultrusion of mutual interlaced waving in transverse and longitudinal direction of high performance fiber so as to improve ring-stiffness and tensile strength of the pipes from physical structure.

as the national power grid and all electric companies put forward strict requirements for electric cable pipes, new pipes (bwfrp pipes) with high performance and quality emerge at the moment. bwfrp pipes are new protective conduits that adopt high performance fiber composite materials and epoxy resin as raw materials. bwfrp pipes are non magnetic materials and have good insulating performance and strong anti-corrosion ability. the pipes have smooth inner walls without eddy current loss. it can protect the cable from being damaged, improves transmission power, avoid reduction of possibility of leakage due to scaling. in addition, bwfrp pipes have excellent anti-aging performance, long service cycle and are convenient for maintenance and can fully meet the strict requirements for cable protective conduits of electric and power grid industry.

as the power grid has wide laying area, the climatic difference of different regions is large. therefore, in order to ensure that the operation of power grid is free from environmental influence, cable protective conduits must have anti-corrosion and high temperature performance. bwfrp pipes can meet harsh environment and does not deform at environmental condition of 50℃~200℃

as the cooperation with national power grid further gets closer, baotong bwfrp pipes will keep innovation in electric and power grid industry so as to improve product quality and performance constantly to better service national power with excellent quality and outstanding brand strength and try best to meet high standard and high requirements for electric protective conduits of national power grid and ensure long-term, safe and stable operation of electric cable.