handling specification-九游会平台靠谱吗

handling specification

handling and storage specification for bwfrp pipes in order to standardize unloading and storage order of pipes at construction site and ensure the safety of transportation and construction, manage and control to eliminate all types of problems, the following specification is formulated for carrying, handling and storage of bwfrp pipes.

specification and requirements for loading and unloading bwfrp pipes


check the vehicle carefully to make sure the floor is free of grease and dirt


the upper and lower levels of dislocation loading, strictly prohibited on the next small group tilt


pay attention to the safety of people and goods during loading (gloves and helmet are required).


corresponding protection measures for the contact position with the pipeline (separate and protect the middle of the two sections to prevent collision and damage of the pipeline)


check the pipeline bundling, take rainproof measures, and make sure the vehicle is 100% safe before leaving


during the unloading process, avoid the front pipe buckle to drop vertically and hit the ground

specification and requirements for storage of bwfrp pipes