communication pipes-九游会平台靠谱吗

baotong bwfrp pipes material

introduction to bwfrp electric pipes


communication tube

bwfrp power and communication pipelines are made of high performance fiber composites and epoxy resin. they are composed of braided layer, middle layer and outer layer. they are interlaced by high performance fiber longitudinal and transverse braiding and extrusion. it has the characteristics of high ring stiffness, high tensile strength, high and low temperature resistance, high electrical insulation, superior thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance/water resistance, flame retardant, safety and environmental protection, light pipe and so on. products with incomparable advantages of traditional pipes, by the majority of customers and the market favor!

theschematicdiagramfortechnological structure

bwfrp power pipe technology

bwfrp pipes

materil  high performance composite material and epoxy resin 

technology  fiber weaving pultrusion


  • high ring-stiffness

  • strong tensile resistance 

  • smooth inner walls

  • excellent thermal conductivity property

  • corrosion and water resistance

  • high-low temperature resistance

  • high electric insulating property

  • strong flame resistance

  • easy transportation and installation 

  • safe and environmental-friendly

woven layer

circular composite layer

woven layer

product type

bwfrp pipes type

bwfrp communication tube

executive standard:dl/t802.2--2017

specifications(mm)size(mm)/dsize(mm)/tweight(kg/m)ring-stiffness grade(kpa)measured results(kpa)
communication pipes

implementation standard and specification parameters of bwfrp communication tube

  • bwfrp100x3.0x6000

tested itemsstandard valuetest method
appearancethe conduit has even color; there is no crack on inner and outer surface, separated layers, pin holes, impurities, glue shortage area, bubbles and other defects; the inner and outer surfaces should be smooth and flat and should not have sags and crests. two end surfaces of the conduits should flat without sharp edge and burrs.eyeballing


inner diameter(unitmm)

99.5-100.5inspected with calipers

1.9 - 2.1

tensile strength(unitmpa)≥200dl/t802.2--2017

tensile strength after immersed in water


barcol hardness

ring-stiffness (5%) (unitmpa)≥8gb/t3854-2005
load distortion temperature(tfel.8)℃≥160gb/t1634.2-2004

drop-hammer impact

the pipe wall structure should have no obvious separated layer, fissure or cracking.


joint sealing performance

maintain 15 minutes under 0.1mpa water pressure. the joint should not seep and leak waterdl/t802.2--2017

the flattening load retention rate after immersed in water %


the content of alkali metal oxide %

oxygen index %≥26gb/t8924-2005